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This 12-bed co-ed facility provides a secure and therapeutic setting for youth in transition as well as a short-term High Impact Program. This facility provides services for youth between ages 12-19. Youth placed for emergency shelter services will stay from 1-30 days or more as needed. Those placed in the short-term Intensive Supervision / High Impact Program will remain for 75-125 days or as needed (see Intensive Supervision/ High Impact Program description). This unit also serves youth who are in transition from another facility / living arrangement to their home.

Youth are provided education through the Northwest Intermediate Unit 5 classroom. Classroom milieu will address required academic subject areas, life skills, and social skill development at a level appropriate for individual clients. Within the unit, youth will experience individual and group counseling which addresses their needs as well as incorporating coping skills, social skills, separation / loss issues, decision-making skills, drug and alcohol discussion, and relationship skills. Youth will be referred for community-based therapy when needed.

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