In 1974, Hermitage House opened its doors at 13041 Route 99 in Edinboro
for residential rehabilitative services with a mission to provide quality care to troubled youth and enable them to become responsible adults.

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In 1988, Erie Community Foundation provided the $20,000 down payment for the purchase of the current Main Campus. Subsequent years brought the addition of another 12-bed unit (1990), a specialized counseling program (1991), the
Boys' TLP apartments, new offices, and a Gym (1993).

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Further growth occurred in 1995 with the purchase of the South Campus location with 12-bed girls' unit, Girls' TLP apartments, and Art Therapy Barn. More recent additions include the N.Y.P.U.M. location and the L.E.A.P. Program. Boys' Unit 3 was also added in 2000 to the Main Campus.


In 2002, the major addition of the Arcade Building in Cambridge Springs enhanced the agency's ability to serve more youth within the Erie County-Crawford County area through an Emergency Shelter. Though the Shelter
is now located at our Main Campus, this structure now houses the
Hermitage House Thrift Store and Furniture Plus.


Each new addition has created the ability to serve more clients and to employ more staff members. Hermitage House currently employs 83 full-time and part-time employees and can serve up to 32 clients through the Group Homes,
12 through the Shelter, and 12 through the TLP Programs.

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The Hermitage House philosophy of treatment is based upon the belief that a balance between caring support and consistent discipline with appropriate counseling and therapeutic intervention can make the difference in the life of a troubled youth. Treatment also incorporates Balance and Restorative Justice (BARJ) principles utilizing victim impact groups, restitution, community service and competency development. Licensed and regulated by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare, the agency provides residential rehabilitation services for court-committed youth through Group Homes, Transitional Living Programs and an Emergency Shelter.

Other services offered include:
Diagnostic Screening; 90-Day Offender Assessment;
L.E.A.P. (Learn, Earn, And Payback) work-readiness/restitution program; A.D.A.P.T. (Adolescent Development and Preventative Treatment);
A.R.T. (Aggression Replacement Training);
N.Y.P.U.M. (National Youth Program Using Minibikes); and
S.T.A.N.D. (Seeking Together A New Direction) Chaplain Program
with weekly Bible Study and opportunities for worship

The organization also offers a non-residential Crawford County Independent Living Program known as "Moving On."










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