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  • Daily behavioral rating assessment of core areas, such as:
    interactions with others, attitude, school / quiet time, chores, hygiene,
    personal room care, daily routine, mealtime, communication,
    treatment involvement, and community conduct
  • Personal accountability
  • Group treatment
  • Therapeutic recreation, such as: Art Therapy Program, Intramural Program,
    Pastoral Program, community activities, Key Club, Youth Council, and Mentoring

THERAPEUTIC INTERVENTION (individual and group components):

  • Adolescent Development and Preventative Treatment (A.D.A.P.T.)
  • Aggression Replacement Training (A.R.T.)
  • Balanced and Restorative Justice (B.A.R.J.) - addresses victim impact,
    community safety, and accountability. Progress is assessed through
    completion of requirements:
    • Disclosure and processing of the offense and behavior
    • Address of developmental history through autobiographical account
    • Mediation through the clarification letter to the victim
    • Construct of interpersonal cycle of offense
    • Development of the relapse prevention / competency plan
    • Restorative focus is placed on completing community service hours,
      paying towards restitution costs, and giving back to the community
      through volunteerism

    • Also: Family Work is offered to provide a forum for support,
      improved family interactions by addressing existing difficulties,
      and defining home expectations / boundaries
  • Interactive Journaling
    • recognized by SAMSHA as an evidence-based program
      which uses a cognitive behavioral approach to cognitive skill building,
      criminal thinking, and behavior change
    • structured and experiential process designed to motivate and guide
      participants to develop a personalized plan for realistic change

TRANSITION SERVICES - an assigned worker assists with
---------------------- discharge planning and procurement:

  • Career assessment and research
  • Pursuit of post-secondary education / training
    • College / training program tours
    • Entrance applications
    • Standardized testing
    • Financial aid and scholarship application
  • Community Resource development and referral
    • Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR)
    • CareerLink
    • Temp Agencies
    • Job Corps
    • Military
    • Recruiters
    • G.E.D. Programs
    • Individualized Needs
      (Drug & Alcohol, Housing, Childcare, MH/MR, Medical, Leisure time, etc.)
  • Employment
    • Job Applications
    • Job Interviews
  • Independent Living Needs
    • Identification documents / Social Security Cards
    • Driver's Permit / license / State I.D. card
    • Banking Services
    • Selective Service registration
    • Transportation
    • Income Tax form completion

Hermitage House also offers a non-residential Crawford County Independent Living Program known as "Moving On."


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