Transitional Living Program

Girls Transition House

As a PACTT affiliate, Hermitage House aids clients in the development of career / vocational planning, enhanced employability competencies, and improved educational outcomes in alignment with PACTT standards. Casey Life Skills are taught in the residential units.

Our goal through the transitional living program is for our youth to develop life skills and to set transitional goals in order to prepare them to live on their own.


We have on-campus apartments located at our Main Campus (Boys) and South Campus (Girls). Apartments at each campus allow reduced structure, limited and conditional freedoms, and increased responsibilities while receiving guidance, support, and accountability.

There are coordinated services with outside social service agencies such as OVR, Job Corps, and PA Careerlink. Educational opportunities include on-grounds classrooms, GED preparation, public school/Vo-Tech, and community-centered secondary education. We provide guidance for students on the educational track including exploration of higher learning institutions, application process, financial aid, student employment opportunities, and student housing. Assistance is also given when applying for ASVAB entrance exam into the military, searching for an apartment, understanding a lease, and securing utilities.


  • Discharge Planning
  • Career assessment and research

  • Pursuit of post-secondary education/training
    • College / training program tours
    • Entrance applications
    • Standardized testing
    • Financial aid and scholarship application

  • Community Resource development and referral
    • Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR)
    • CareerLink
    • Temp Agencies
    • Job Corps
    • Military
    • Recruiters
    • G.E.D. Programs
    • Individualized Needs (Drug and Alcohol, Housing, Childcare, MH/MR, Medical, Leisure time, etc.)

  • Employment
    • Job Applications
    • Job Interviews

  • Independent Living Needs
    • Identification documents/Social Security Cards
    • Driver's Permit/license/State I.D. card
    • Banking Services
    • Selective Service registration
    • Transportation
    • Income Tax form completion


Youth will gain practical preparation in the areas of:

  • Apartment maintenance
  • Shared living/Dealing with a companion
  • Weekly menu planning and shopping
  • Meal preparation
  • Money management (FDIC curriculum) 
  • Job search/Community employment
  • Coordination of personal work and appointment schedule 
  • Pursuit of higher education/training 
  • Leisure time/recreational activities

Client Eligibility

  • Client (ages 17-20) is in need of transitional services
  • Client must complete a Transitional Living Competency Skills Packet 
  • Client has exhibited success in a residential program, RTF, or foster home 
  • Client may be required to enter care at group home level, if being referred from another residential facility, or to complete TLP competencies as regulated by DPW
  • Client has shown a needed level of maturity, trust, and responsibility
  • Client exhibits the ability to put living competency skills into action 
  • Client is able to work toward goals established on the Individualized Service Plan (ISP)


TLP Apartments TLP Inside 1 TLP Inside 2