Intensive Supervision/High Impact Program (H.I.P.)


Program Details

To provide a safe and therapeutic environment within a residential program for court-adjudicated youth, ages 12-20, who are in need of intensive intervention to reduce the risk of long-term placement and to decrease reoccurring incidents of maladaptive community behavior. The duration of this program is anywhere from 75 to 125 days. Assement includes an individual service plan, a court accountability plan, educational needs, the parent-child relationship, and parenting skills.


Treatment Components

  1. Skill Instruction...
    • Independent Living
    • Assessment and Preparation
    • Character Building
    • Victim Impact Module "Courage to Take Action" Series
    • Relaxation Classes
  2. Court Accountability Plan...
    • Apology Letters
    • Community Service
  3. Processing Sessions...
    • Daily Individual Sessions
    • Daily Group Sessions
  4. Parent Participation...
    • Daily Visits
    • Weekly Family Sessions
    • Parentling Skills Action Plan
  5. Education...
    • On-site Classroom
    • Modified Home-School Program
  6. Discharge Planning...
    • Transition/Coordination of Services
    • Treatment Team Meeting
    • Parent-Child Discharge Plan

Program Outcomes

  1. Pre- and Post- Evaluation
  2. Community protection/accountability while increasing competency development
  3. Successful transition to home and school in order to prevent long-term out-of-home care

Our follow-up assessment is conducted with family, youth, and a county representative after 60 days and again after 6 months.


Please call Kristy Cole-Prenatt at (814)734-4951.

Referral Packet needs to include social history including psychiatric evaluations, court summary, intake information, and other pertinent information.