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National Youth Project Using Minibikes


The NYPUM program is a fan favorite among Hermitage House youth.  This program teaches youth a variety of skills to make the right decisions in life.  This happens through the educational instruction of learning to ride dirt bikes and individual mentoring.

Throughout the program staff teach moral values and ethics while enjoying the outdoors with at-risk-youth.  Each riding lesson also includes a teaching component where the staff are able to help the youth think through difficult life situations and provide them with insight on how to handle future decisions.

NYPUM Sponsorship Opportunity

We have had wonderful success with this program and look forward to many more years of youth being reached through this exciting program.  This year we are asking individuals and business to consider sponsoring an at-risk-youth to participate in NYPUM.  The cost for each youth is $500.00 and we have the capacity to have 14 youth participate this year!   Please consider supporting a youth to participate in this program or get a few people together to sponsor a youth!

(Sponsor an at-risk-youth for NYPUM)

Questions about Giving?

(814) 734-4951 ext. 239

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A Life Changed at Hermitage House

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Hermitage House Youth Services successfully completed the PREA Compliance Audit under the Juvenile Facility Standards Requirements on 8/17/2017

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