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Chaplain Program

The Chaplain Program at Hermitage House Youth Services has always been an important part of our residential youth programs. Chapel programming is optional and gives youth the opportunity to talk freely about faith and explore Christianity. Some of the services provided to our youth through the Chaplain Program are: 

  • Weekly chapel services

  • Small group Bible studies

  • Discipleship/Mentoring

  • Transportation to local church services

  • Pastoral counseling

  • Baptism

  • Pastoral visitation in hospital and mental health


Pastor Phil Bookhamer

Pastor Phil is the Chaplain at Hermitage House Youth Services. He and his wife, Kate, served as missionaries in Thailand from 2012-2018. During their time in Thailand they were able to help start a prison ministry in Lopburi Prison that continues today. Phil has a B.A. in Bible Theology from Malone University and an M.A. in Intercultural Studies from Wheaton College.  He has been working at HHYS since 2019.

Contact Pastor Phil by e-mail at:

Prayer and Financial Support

Prayer Support

Prayer support is key to the success of the Chaplain Program.  Please pray for staff and youth at HHYS as this program encourages them to grow in their love for Jesus and others.  To get more details on ways to pray please sign up for the most recent Newsletter from the Chaplain Program.  

Financial Support

Financial support help provide ministry to youth at risk through Bible studies, Discipleship, Mentoring, weekly Chapel services, local Church services, Movie Nights, and Pastoral Counseling.  100% of support is given directly to the Chaplain Program.   For financial giving please click Donations below.  Your will be redirected to a secure site for giving.  

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