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Providing quality care today for responsible adults tomorrow.


The Hermitage House Youth Services philosophy of treatment is based on the belief that a balance between caring support and consistent structure along with appropriate counseling and therapeutic intervention can make a difference in the lives of youth-at-risk.  

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With the promise of providing quality programming to meet the needs of the youth served, HHYS operates group homes and transition living services for the youth entrusted to our care.  Youth are court ordered through dependency or delinquency court to receive therapeutic services as required for a successful return to the community.  

In working to achieve the fundamental goals of community protection, offender accountability, and competency development, Hermitage House will address the core components of competency development as indicated by research to aid youth in being successful in school, work and life and decreasing continued involvement with the juvenile justice system.  These include a range of Pro-Social Skills, Moral Reasoning Skills, Academic Skills, Workforce Development Skills, and Independent Living Skills.  In addressing these core components we utilize proven practices and evidence based programs that employ written curriculum, short term but goal oriented, use process group components as well as individual counseling, and can include pre and post- test measures to assure outcomes. As part of the daily milieu, youth workers address the competencies in the areas of chores, interactions with peers and staff, independent living skills, response to redirection, group activity interactions, and behavior/academics in school. 

Along with the teaching of competencies, we address the areas of Restorative Justice, Victim Awareness, Community Safety, and Accountability in individual and group format.  Evidence based and promising practices will be utilized in treatment of presenting problems as well as the criminogenic factors of personality/behavior, attitudes/orientation, peer relations, family circumstances, substance abuse, education/employment and use of leisure time will be targeted on an individual basis as needed for clients.  The Youth Level of Service will be utilized to guide treatment planning for those delinquent youth.

Our Core Values

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Creating a welcoming and compassionate environment where physical, emotional
and psychological well-being is mutually respected.



Building a community that promotes accountability for one’s choices, behaviors,
and actions.

Professional Growth

Growth & Empowerment

Developing the ability to meet life challenges and make lasting changes.

Support Groups


Building relationships through the development of caring, listening and
supportive partnerships.



Acting by what is right to honor our commitment and values.

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