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Trauma Therapy

  • Upon intake Hermitage House clients are screened by our clinicians for possible trauma service needs through the use of a personal interview and the Adverse Childhood Experiences Scale (A.C.E.). Clients with indicated needs are encouraged to participate in appropriate service options.

  • The agency utilizes trauma informed practices, policies and procedures under the framework of the Attachment Regulation and Competencies (ARC) created by the Trauma Center of the Justice Resource Institute.

  • Treatment is offered to help clients recover from traumatic experiences and address both PTSD and complex trauma. Individual and group counseling are offered from licensed professional counselors utilizing Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR, individualized components of the ARC framework, and family therapy options.

  • Additional therapy options are available through our partnerships/associations with Tradewinds Counseling which offers EMDR at our site and Equine-Assisted Therapy at Blended Spirits Ranch. (

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